Collaboration for Online Television


Collaboration for Online Television

I’ve started a project for online television. We have developed the TV building on TIMV domain on HighFidelity, which includes two studios, one for News and one for entertainment and talk shows, as well as a hall, a stage and a cinema.

We have developed the live streaming solution, based on WebRTC technology, compatible with HighFidelity. The TV program can be watched live at:

I want your support to form a team of media creators to develop video content in VR.
On the first level on TIMV domain, there is a video upload interface where anyone can upload the video materials.

I await your suggestions and recommendations.


Start small do a short news from hifi show maybe 10 mins. With community contribution
Did u see jim jamz and the phlash’s shows?


Yes, I saw them. Great work!
Could it be possible to obtain a broadcasting right for HighFidelity Youtube Channel videos?


Thinks if they like it they would be happy to use it

but if your allowed to film events theres somthing on this friday


This is awesome!! This also exists cross-second life too, correct?


Hi Mold,
the tv channel run in browsers on any platform, so users from HighFidelity, SL, VRChat, Janus, browsers, mobile phones, smart tv, etc can see the same content.


Hi George,

My entire computer froze while entering your domain about 15 mins ago. Have you seen anyone else experience freezing issues trying to come into your domain?


It happened to me also one time. Please try again. I think was a problem with OBS remote application.
I stop it now.


Alright George, I will try again and let you know what happens.


Hey George,

the issue appears to be with web entities and not with OBS.
My computer locked up completely twice and required a full power down twice. There appears to be some sort of memory leak.
I am worried about stressing my aging hard drive, so I’m unfortunately not going to try again for a little while.


I’ve replaced some web entities with image entities. I hope it is ok now.


Hey George - I popped into your domain the other day out of curiosity and loved what I saw. Very professional - you’ve thought out so many of the details to make the studio work in lots of fun and creative ways. I look forward to seeing the type of productions you do there. Congratulations!


Thank you Andrew, we will start soon to produce some shows there.


Just a polite request… you MIGHT want to warn users that enter your domain that you access their webcam with ZERO user approval…

Seems a little shady…


Hi AlphaVersionD,
indeed, you see the camera, but if you don’t push the live button, it is only in your browser,
so nobody can see it.


Indeed. I understand that personally, and to be honest I plan to use your gift to add value to my experience. I think what you have here is wonderful.

Most web developers know permissions are required to obtain a users webcam.

Most users don’t know that.

Just helping to clarify for the uninformed.

(( I really like your new stuff. Keep going! ))


Thank you, AlphaVersionD.


HI George,

I am very interested in creating content for this. I have been looking into creating my own channel eventually but would love to collaborate on this.

I’ve hosted 4 events on altspace VR, but like the controls in the High Fidelity, and am curious how I can discuss this with you.

Thanks for your time and energy in putting this together.


Hi Humanberg,
I’m available on my domain, every day, so I will wait for you to talk about this project. Thank you.


I’ve moved the domain to the cloud, and I’ve made a quick re-branding.
The new domain address is: