Collision hull ramp , Problems (User mesh errors)


Made the collision hull for my latest build. and i keeped in min dthat the stair need to have some requirements. 0.2 deep. (mabye needed to be 0.21. but i have problem to start walking on the stair. and the avatar is hovering

When i jump up it seems i can walk up, but at the end i get stuck again.

Old problems still not fixt in high fidelity i think.


I keep thinking i might make some ramp shapes that i can just put under stairs in world.
This is all stuff that will be cured when they look at avatar collisions, its just a really basic placeholder shape at the moment


That is exactly what I did on the ship. They’ll ((Hifi devs)) get to it. Just a matter of time.


I can try to remove the ramp. entitiy seems to work. but as soon i place the entity in front of the ramp it’s still a fail. So, something to try.

ADD: The problem start to get more complex. i removed the stair ramp. But still something is blocking. placed the collision hull on my sim. problem it;'s complete reflective. a glass maze is less worse :open_mouth: But i see nothing that blocks it.

Found other error i need to fix too.

Nothing, and still blocked by movement. strafe left, blocked.

Checked the collision hull again. uploaded new one. But there’s invisible blockadge here. now from the other side. i

Nothing in blender there

Other place i have some same problem. But how to detect soemthing you cannot see ? mabye there’s a double edge / wrong face that only gte wonky on high fidelity but looks fine in blender. that happen already a few times. few cut’s fix that. But this i do not see at all. “Draw Collision hulls” is not showing anything wrong.

A good tool to make collision hulls would be nice. but vhacd never worked good here. it also only generated solid models if it worked, also feels not really optimized. Mabye it’s better, not sure.


The Lower part i have fixt, the problem appears possible when your geometry is on strange place of the bounding box part. Now i only need to fix the upper part. and still have problems in the other room.

The problem at the stair up cannot be big. possible a small height difference. The problem in the other corner is going to be another challange.

Looks like there’s still some weirdness in my collision hull. i find the problem by trying it in parts and add a new part. Thanks to the ATP directory that is now easy and fun todo.

:thumbsup: But not for all parts.

I understand the collision hull pretty good now. Only finding the problem is really trail and error. My other problem where this. for some reason duplication made it as link set.
Because 2 cubes where linked, high fidelity is seeing it as solid. and fill the space between it. But that is not visible with the “Draw Collision Hull” See picture below. Solution is to make it 2 seperate parts.

The red lines get a solid part inside high fidelity.

Intressting, that did not fixt the problem complete. :worried: More searching needed for the other devil parts. :smiling_imp:

Ha… :wink: that problem is solved. now there’s only one strange part left. the upstair part from the ramp to the floor. the avatar get stuck on that. Also remove materials from the OBJ when you export, solved the mirror part. besides materials not needed.

Ok, i got the collision shape working. Some shapes you need to split up in smaller parts to get it working right.


Yeah, its counting them as a single object because the two boxes being of the same mesh isnt convex. This isnt “linked”, they literally are of the same mesh in blender. There are no “Linked” objects in Blender, other than the ones that are “referenced” from other Blend files. You have Groups however which wont have the same issue.

Refering to the old image from that one thread…

You can easilly separate all of these by going to edit mode and selecting all vertices, and then separate (Shift + P + 3) by loose parts.