Collision Hulls Question


At the hackathon (sorry @Judas this info is vital to me) I believe that someone from HiFi announced that someone had quickly developed a script or plug-in for Blender that allowed for quick creation of collision hulls for mesh objects.

Was that a dream, or did that really happen? If so, may I have it? I suck at making collision hulls. I am OK with terrain hulls, thanks to @Alan_ 's tutorial. Thanks, thanks, thanks.


I think you mean the V-HACD script. Myself i do not like it.


Hi Richardus. Yes. I have tried that plug-in, and not had much luck. What I am talking about is something that is supposed to have been created last weekend at the hackathon. Thanks.


Ohh… Now am curious to.


sounds great - that would be really cool!


At the hackathon a web service was added:

You can pick a local FBX file and the service will eventually return with a downloadable link to an OBJ file.

The vhacd-util script has received a few updates since the service was launched. I don’t think the service has been updated with the latest, but I’ll ask around.