Collision Mesh?


Do we have collision meshes yet? And if yes, can someone kindly point me to help if it is handled in the FBX model?


Yes, Collision meshes are already supported, but its a bit spotty: Gotta do a bit more experimentation with those.

As far as Ive gathered,
The mesh must be a single convex hull, Not multiple mesh components (can be a bit glitch otherwise). I’ve had some issues with Concave ones, but overall best results with convex. you can debug them using the The shape type for these is “compound”.

Make sure that the scale and the origin is the same. The hull can be moved /resized with them!
you can debug this from dev physics > draw collisions hulls, but do remember to turn it off after.

Feel free to mention anything you discovered.


Or you can learn how to wield VHACD utility to compute a physics mesh for an arbitrary mesh. It, generally, works well once you learn a few tricks. Much as in SL, sometimes it’s better to create a simplified physics representation to run thru VHACD, other times it works fine on the “visual” mesh.