Collision Shape Won't Work


Hi, I made my own collision for terrain on Franny, saved it as an .obj, uploaded it to S3, made it public, but EVERY time I try to pop it into the Compound Shape URL it:

  1. won’t show the pasted URL
  2. crashes after that.

I am on my MacBook Pro, and Chris’ demo was on the same computer, so I am not sure what I am doing wrong…or if I am doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance.


In mathematics, the convex hull or convex envelope of a set X of points in the Euclidean plane or Euclidean space is the smallest convex set that contains X. For instance, when X is a bounded subset of the plane, the convex hull may be visualized as the shape enclosed by a rubber band stretched around X.[1]
Formally, the convex hull may be defined as the intersection of all convex sets containing X or as the set of all convex combinations of points in X. With the latter definition, convex hulls may be extended from Euclidean spaces to arbitrary real vector spaces; they may also be generalized further, to oriented matroids.[2]
The algorithmic
problem of finding the convex hull of a finite set of points in the
plane or other low-dimensional Euclidean spaces is one of the
fundamental problems of computational geometry
(menital answer) post the url and ill poke it with a stick


I will try the add on for Blender to see if that works. If not, then I will send you the hull. I think it’s not about that. It should have pasted in, but it didn’t. I think it’s a problem with the current Mac build?