Coming soon: Arcing Teleport!


You’ve heard the rumors, and the rumors are true!

That’s right! Arcing Teleport Lasers! Coming soon to a High Fidelity near you.

Since we launched our original Teleport locomotion, parabolic lasers have become the industry standard for movin’ around in VR. And, for good reason.

It’s easier to get up stairs or up hills.

It’s easier to get yourself out of a jam.

And overall, it’s just more darn fun.

You can try it in this PR!

We’re still in the process of user testing and tuning the values, so your feedback is very welcome.

Stay tuned for future planned improvements to teleport, such as better accuracy when picking good landing spots for your teleport laser, playspace visualizations to keep you from running into walls or turning away from your sensors, and better teleport visuals.

Happy arc’ing!



The last .gif reminds me of Shadowgate. :slight_smile:


The hifi send data to hifi thing can it be made to record who is using this
Then can you publish that data

What’s funny was when the phrase parabolic teleport was banded about I imagined opening some kinda portal via waving her arm in a parabola
I hate this method of movement
Ruins all aspects of exploration and experience design. Very very lazy
Continues the theme of not simulating reality instead making some bizzare super hero game where we leap like fleas and use a tablet using the force rather than a finger


Still lost with this parabolic teleport thing.
But as far i understand it it works with a hand gesture ?

Question, how do i disable that function. client and server.
Not excited about hand gesture control. It’s not realistic. it would be out of theme. And you mabye trigger it to easy ?

Anyway, the above gif’s not made clear what it really do.


Yeah… “Standard” that each time someone get hurry to replace by normal locomotion when it was possible… (remember Robot Recall).

But thank you. Now i will be able to do it parabolic if for any reason I appear to be stuck inside a wall. :grin:


Aaah, now i get it !
Strange, it always did feel High Fidelity already used a normal teleport system.


THANK YOU! I can’t tell you how long ago I suggested this…

Well, I know I spoke of it again with Avatar Island’s introduction since the only way to get up the stairs was to use advanced movement or pain stakingly teleport each step.


Hi all! Thanks for your comments. To be clear:

In general I agree that teleport is not the most natural way of moving, but for those of us with motion sickness it’s a lifesaver!

This feature only makes the current teleport (which is currently only in VR mode) easier to aim and use. So if you prefer walking or flying around with advanced motion on this won’t really affect you.


Wonders at what point we get renamed vr chat
Why is creativity being replaced with copy cat

What else do they have that we want to get so we can go oh us 2?
The thing that they have that we don’t is vr chat runs on normal PC’s and Mac’s


the only improvement I can see here is landing properly what is a good improvement but really don’t use a teleport anyway only useful when you get stuck it could do some improvement on the visuals here honestly not much to get excited about not a fan of the laser along as you let people turn off these visuals I don’t see a problem with this with the boundaries but it’s already built-in to most people software so why would you need it


That being said, there is ONE oversight I’d REALLY like fixed:

If I am using advanced movement and are moving using advanced movement, DO NOT make me have to teleport if I move my thumb towards the center threshold point!

In otherwords, if I am moving use advanced movement locomotion, flag it as such and do not teleport me. Likewise, if I am teleporting, do not flag me as advanced movement.

To replicate: move using advanced movement and have your thumb slowly move back towards the center point (note, this means you may need a Vive, since I’m not sure this is an Oculus issue). Upon hitting the correct threshold, you will be given the teleporter, even though you were just moving and have not let go of the trackpad.


Oh yes, that one is always anoying to trigger by accident. Still teleport can be usefull in advanced mode. But then i like to have option in the tablet to turn it on.

And before the turn it off we first need the option to run in VR

Still ++1


Let me save the engineers some headaches:

Yo, Android engineers, listen up! Take that glorious, very appealing, sexy joypad interface code, and hand it to whoever deals with the controls in VR. Seriously, that thing is amazing and is PERFECT for VR. True analog control. Yes. Please. Now.

That also being said, one thing I could also see is the option to state, when Advanced Movement is enabled, if teleport should be enabled on certain hand controllers. I know it sounds silly, but it’d be interesting to have it so I can never accidentally teleport at all with the movement hand and that teleport is still enabled on the one for turning, since that’d the only time I’d ever use it.

Those two ideas, in combination with the previously mentioned bug and the new arcing teleport, would be as big of an update as when we could add scripts to FST files, multi-threaded downloading, and introduction of the easy bake oven (KTX support).


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