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Awesome! Where can I find more info on the blockchain technology used in HF? (Disclosure: I am writing an article for a crypto-economy magazine).

#24 (blockchain engineer)

And a user discussion about it…


and a vulgarized version here:


A billion, you say?


@Cracker.Hax Our thinking on exchange rate is to try and stabilize at 100 HFC = $1 USD.

@giulio Thanks for writing! In addition to the various links, feel free to email me. We are currently using the Elements codebase, created by Blockstream.


Wow so we all got $100 worth of free HFC. Nice!

One more question @philip, how do we become a signer?


I have the same question for @philip, how does one become a signer?


We’re still working (with the Elements team) on the handoff among signers. In the short term, we’ve got a group of people (VR orgs and other VR operators) who have expressed interest and as soon as we have a multiple signer mechanism working, we’ll start bringing up multiple signers. Next couple months. In the long term we’ll use something like a delegated proof of stake mechanism with stakeholders voting on the number of signers.

If you actually do want to be one, email me with some details about why you want to, and also where globally you are and do you have high bandwidth connection / machines. thanks!


Well, I checked and I finally got my grant of 10,000 HFC, so I went to Avatar Island and bought a wizard’s hat for 200 HFC.

The bad news is, I could NOT get the in-world scanning terminal to work at all.

The good news is, I was able to go into desktop mode, go into the Marketplace, and buy the wizard’s hat there.

So you guys need to troubleshoot what’s wrong with the scanners. One thing I noticed is that my hands kept banging against my computer desk whenever I tried to scan. Is there some way to change your avatar’s height in HiFi so this doesn’t happen? Thanks.


Don’t you set up a free space a play area for the vive like u do with the rift so you don’t run into things?


@RyanSchultz I’d love to understand better what happened with the scanners. Can you email me or grab one of the greeters and walk through it again?


Here is my article, published in Bitcoin Magazine:

New In-Game Cryptocurrency Systems Let You Buy Assets in the Virtual Reality World


Thanks for the quick response Philip! I will try it again tonight, and if I can’t get it work again, I’ll grab one of the greeters as you suggest.I did try to scan my item several times, and several ways, and it simply didn’t work for me.

In VRChat you can adjust your avatar’s height so, for instance, if you can’t reach an item that is too far down (i.e. below the level of your computer desk), you can fix that so it works. In Sansar you can simply “point” at an object that is too far down and you can highlight it to pick it up. What’s the solution to this in High Fidelity? I’ve gone through all the menus in the UI and I can’t seem to find what I am looking for to adjust my relative height compared to objects in a HiFi domain.


To adjust your avatar size:

  • Avatar > Size > Increase Avatar Size, Decrease Avatar Size, Reset Avatar Size
  • Settings > Avatar… > Avatar Scale


OK I was able to successfully scan an item I wanted to purchase. It turns out that I was supposed to let it go, and DROP it onto the scanner. I was just scanning it like you would at the grocery store, and not letting go of it. The greeter explained how to do it and it worked.

Also, I was able to successfully resize my avatar so I could reach down and grab items. Thank you ctrlaltdavid!


I had the same problem this last week trying to get the scanners to work. I discovered by accident that dropping the item into the scanner works. I knew how to re-size my avatar. This is the cleanest working ecommerce solution I’ve seen in vr social worlds so far - and encourages me to move ahead on setting a shop in HiFi and move forward with client projects there - one wants an art gallery, another a meeting place for their international organization, another a tour service in HiFi, etc. Bravo. Forward we go!

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