Community Events


I think we have to occasionally have off hour meet ups that arent a Developer meetup to share tips and tricks, show off content, or just generally discuss about High Fidelity or VR in general. However due to timezones and since people tend to stick to their own projects, there arent times or places where people will just sit about chat and show stuff.

So this weekend: How would a unofficial Community Meetup sound like @ Sandbox on Sunday at 6 pm GMT.

Return of the unofficial community hangout

6pm = 3 hour in the morning here in the Netherlands


6 pm GMT is 7 pm in Holland.


Ah yes, you are right … 7 pm is a good time :wink:


a good time ? ZzZzZzZzzzzzz :wink:

GMT, best works to talk in SL times. that i can convert :open_mouth:


I love this idea. We get together rarely, and I would welcome this. It’s late morning here in NY at that time.


That is 10AM PST, coffee will help.


Community meeting time !

Talking about all kinds of interesting stuff


Did folks meet? I had to go to a wake unexpectedly, so I wasn’t around. :frowning:


Yes, we did,
@MarcelEdward, @Balpien_Hammere, me and @Judas we about

Going to do the same again next weekend :slight_smile:


I tried, but the viewer where broken. So it failed.


yes too many broken things for me too, win 10 updates, graphic card drivers and then my avatar disappeared or did my camera view simply exclude 3rd person, either way. But next weekend yes


Aaaah, I will have to start after that. This is my annual Christmas in NYC weekend. Is there a way to keep us posted on what happens? Also, thanks for taking the lead with this.


Some of the avatars in the marketplace will not render and some others take a very long time to render. The male ones that load very fast are: coulomb, dougland, Judd. The ones that do not ever render for me are: Giant,and Hajime.

logs for hajime:
[12/14 10:34:37] [DEBUG] Starting request for:
[12/14 10:34:38] [DEBUG] Error loading QUrl(“”)
[12/14 10:34:38] [DEBUG] Failed to load:

[12/14 10:32:27] [DEBUG] Starting request for:
[12/14 10:32:27] [DEBUG] Error loading QUrl(“”)
[12/14 10:32:27] [DEBUG] Failed to load:


i’m using Coulomb, he appears to hop about then jumps into the stratosphere and disappears


and yes, I too have started to see the avatar hopping all over the place bug.


Sure, mostly thought its all just us talking and testing stuff :slight_smile:


December 20th 2015…

Just me and @MarcelEdward this week… maybe more next week. Audio is a tad strange today also…


I checked, not seen anybody. and some opther things going on. next week ??
I think next year works better. next week is 27dec.


I got distracted today with some experimentations with WebGL, sorry guys :stuck_out_tongue: