Community meetup Friday @ Playa 14:00-15:00 PST


Come one come all to our weekly community meetup this Friday at the Stacks just outside the main Playa area. 14:00-15:00 PST or 21:00 GMT. See you there!

Edit: Coordinates hifi://stacks/110.858,-8.08926,132.143/0,0.437135,0,0.899396

Anything you’d like to discuss at the meeting? Your suggestions for topics are quite welcome.



You have coordinates. because i need to bookmark it. or i cannot jump in HMD


Just quick notes on today’s meeting! Thanks everyone, as always, for coming…

  • After catching up socially, we discussed features in new beta release, like the fixed ‘stuck key’ bug, and new features like the additional primitive options now available under Sphere & Cube.

  • There were reports of some rendering issues and performance hits… Menithal and Richardus reported performance rendering and flashing/flickering bugs. Communicating that to the graphics team.

  • We demonstrated and played around with the new raycast reverb system (on the scripts & tools part of our examples page, check i* 5. t out!)

  • Philip dropped by and we discussed the content creation contest we’ve been planning. Your feedback is very welcome! More on that here:

Please hop into the conversation and share your thoughts!

  • We discussed the recently arrived Oculus touch controllers!

  • A lengthy discussion on avatar functionality and Menithal’s Excellent Avatar Compendium

  • Menithal demonstrated his completed Hookshot Gun, which launches your avatar around a domain. Excellent fun, and by the way, I have just pushed it to the Examples section, so be sure to try them out if you have hand controllers.

  • We discussed the in-world concert that Kevin, AlphaD, Judas are planning. By the way, the stage is looking amazing @Judas!

Thanks again for attending, and if you have any comments or feedback, or if there’s something I’ve missed or forgotten, please feel free to write below.


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