Company Update: Toward a Digital World (FAQs)

I wish or mabye missed the update of what high fidelity is going todo with the desktop user interface and the low graphics quality compared to other platform.

I also want to show high fidelity to someone, he wants to see it. Does anybody have a list with good places ?

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I assume you’re using a Vive Pro or Samsung Odyssey, if so, what SS settings do you run? I also imagine that your font sizes must be at least a bit big in order to effectively see without discomfort?

Currently I’ve been using the Rift S with super sampling at 3.0 on an RTX 2060
The subpixel arrangement makes it very sharp and I don’t have a problem seeing text on virtual screens. I do however have trouble seeing text on a real physical 4k monitor if it’s smaller than 42 inches.

But in VR a floating 6 foot tall 4k wall monitor is what I use for art. It’s far more clear than any $2k+ projector I’ve ever used. I can walk up to it in VR with a wireless Wacom tablet and almost feel like I paint on the surface itself.
I also use a tiny iPazzPort Wireless Keyboard for input as needed. Not ideal but it works.

I’d like to see VR tracking get to a point where a physical VR pen could be used in place of a touch controller though. Then I can get rid of the Wacom all together.

I still have to use my physical monitor for color correction checks because it’s calibrated for it. But no serious problems yet. The other virtual monitors I use for tools, spotify, references, discord, github, etc.

On a side note the Rift S in gaming is less impressive to me. Lot of issues with archery, sniper scopes, racking pistol slides, etc. But with work and visuals it’s a great option. And cheaper than my physical monitors.

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Logitech advertised a vr 3D pen for just such a purpose recently. The end of the ad was a call for collaborative partnerships.

So, are we done with listing events here? I see that it’s missing from the hamburger dropdown.


Wasn’t there also this “Lounge” section, where only long term users could post?

Am I too blind to find it, or have I been thrown out there, or is this forum slowly vanishing into the void?

ur 2 blind to find it

Then help me find it :kissing_heart:

It was actually your “Don’t feed the Trolls” post in “Lounge” which I used as varied search term to retrieve this category…

It turns out that I have been downgraded from “trust level 3” to “member” and therefore can’t see half the discussions I had been involved in anymore.

I’m not amused in the least!

What’s the process of appealing @emilythethird?

Its probably everyone, me included., they are reshuffling the forum… apparently, without mentioning it to anyone.


Wow, after being here for 5+ years, I guess I never was trusted at all. Would have been nice if someone had told me what I did or didn’t do.


You were able to build trust by interacting and got badges for that quite early on (if interacting regularly).
Probably you had been trusted all along and never even worried/knew about it? :wink:


@XaosPrincess @Twa_Hinkle @Menithal

Hi all – I can appreciate your concern, but no settings have been changed. Our forum is hosted by Discourse, and their trust levels are available publicly here.

In the above link, please view their criteria for trust level 3 (Member): “All of the above criteria must be true to achieve trust level 3. Furthermore, unlike other trust levels, you can lose trust level 3 status. If you dip below these requirements in the last 100 days, you will be demoted back to Member.”

Thank you, and sorry for any confusion this caused.

So this is a bidirectional lost of trust if I understand well :wink:

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Ah I guess it is the effect of not having much activity here in the first place.


So in order to gain back trust level 3 I must view 25% of all different topics / posts within 100 days.

I like the idea of giving access to a category only for established users (and not Googlers), but now I wonder how I should pimp my interactivity with half of the interesting stuff taken away from me…

This is very meta!

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Maybe it is time to change the options in the Discourse forum or switch to a different host. In the last month, since the change of direction, there have been some days when there have been no posts at all on the forums.

Just to get to the “Member” level, it says you must enter at least 20 topics and read 100 posts. If there aren’t that many posts then no new people will ever get past the “Basic” level, let alone past “Member”.

Personally, I think these kinds of “Social Media” constructs are a bad thing and are responsible for many forums becoming destinations of their own, populated by people who spend more time on the forums than using the thing that the forums are about.

Yes, and discord is one if the biggest bad things new companies seems to use ! I wish the never used discord.

The Lounge is massivly busy we rarley condescend to chat to the riff raff


… i just thought that was funny. XD

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