Comparing High Fidelity and Sansar


I just wrote a blogpost comparing and contrasting the VR-capable virtual worlds High Fidelity and Sansar on my blog.


Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the informative blog post. I haven’t been in Sansar yet - but will be diving in there to explore. :grinning: I joined their beta creator program last week. Have a great week wherever you are in the world…



Guy who posts 300 sansar related posts on facebook every day in prefers sansar shocker


Yeah, well I do prefer Sansar to HIgh Fidelity. I don’t hide that fact on my blog. But I do think that there is room for a lot of different products in the social VR market, and I think that both Sansar and High Fidelity have a long, healthy life ahead of them! Competition is a good thing :slight_smile:

I’m assuming that you are the Judas who posted a comment to my blogpost. Thank you for commenting! I was not aware that other people didn’t have my problem when updating the HiFi client software. I will post a bug report to the HiFi fourms here and hopefully somebody can troubleshoot my particular problem.

And I don’t apologize for cross-posting blogposts to Facebook. I need to get the word out in as many ways as possible. I will probably only be cross-posting to the Sansar, 114 Harvest, and Sansar Newsblog groups after an initial period, however. It’s just too tiring to run around posting to all the other groups like the VR/AR groups :wink:


It seems kinda secondlifey to me. which is fine if ur a second lifey kinda person
But next gen vr needs to appeal to a wider demographic.

These places all need to have an answer to the question what can i do here?
if the answer is well you can stand and look at things
it aint gonna sell


This is the point; …and with the inclusion of tangible gains there will be marketable things soon to follow…


I’ve tried both, and many others along the way. Just can’t get into Sansar for some reason it does look nice in a foggy sort of way. I’m disappointed in the lack of true PBR support at all there, or the inability for custom avatars.

Blue mars is still far superior to Sansar in terms of features (lacking HMD tho) but it all just seems like its been tried before. I agree that having LInden labs behind it gives it some additional clout and the press has been very kind to Sansar so far…

It comes down to a simple question ‘can I enjoy my time there as a player/developer/entrepreneur/artist.’?

-Sansar movement is downright painful, direct lesson from blue mars you need to be able to move faster somehow by default. A physical 1;1 motion type of rig and movement mechanics is never going to give you ability to get around.

-Sansar has no collaborative building capability yet?

-Sansar avatars are yuccky … trying to get some kind of unique ‘you’ is simply not possible without a nametag.

-Sansar is getting something right in terms of appealing to artist/builders whether they are SL or not. On the plus side this results in alot of places you can visit, but without any kind of sortable or filterable results is lost in scrollorama hell.

-Same for marketplace , how can they release with no filters or way to refine results? boggling

-I wish all platforms luck, I still intend to check it out more over there. (I have bet on the looser more than once and prefer to fail fast)

-There’s room for more than one thing of course, but realistically if you are interested in virtual fashion, photography, machinima etc (what I consider SL market?) cautious optimism is fine… but it feels very limiting in Sansar right now, where as High Fidelity is on the verge of exploding…


I see Sansar and High Fidelity like this. Before, I had 1 shiny toy to play with. Now I have 2. :grinning:

Jogging is being added in the next release. Just announced in the weekly office hours meeting.

For now you can middle-mouse-click to teleport to where your cursor is pointed. Not ideal, but it gets the job done.


High Fidelity adding the blockchains for currency with content is going to give it the right edge. :dizzy:

Sansar is perfect for high skilled 3Dmodelers given them full control …while High Fidelity gives everyone control.:v:

Sansar will take years before we know if it will reach it’s potential or not …while High Fidelity has been around much longer being in the unique position to reach a very large user base … being open source with a vision of something greater :cyclone:


This might ease some of the things you were concerned over :sunrise_over_mountains:

Philip Rosedale …Roadmap: Protecting Intellectual Property in Virtual Worlds


While Philip outlined a system that solves a lot of the concerns over property rights, he is missing a lot of the details for how the blockchain would function. Who approves transactions in the HiFi blockchain? What sort of fees are there on transactions? What prevents ‘double spending’ or transfering an asset to two people? How is the currency going to be distributed? Are there going to be miners of the currency? Will it use a tangle like IOTA to reduce transaction fees?

I’m really excited to see an intellectual property solution for virtual worlds but there is still a lot of work that needs to done to get a block chain based system working. Companies like Dmarket ( have been working on it for over a year with a dedicated team and have a ways to go. Their whitepaper still doesn’t mention how their blockchain is going to work.

It seems ambitious for Philip to say that this will be launched in the coming months although I would be glad to be proven wrong.


[We are excited to get this launched in the coming months, and will continue to have public meetings in-world to invite discussion and contribution to the detailed design]

You can always ask him at the meetings_You could help him with advice or suggestions :point_left::wink:
:neutral_face::point_right: He is somewhat legendary in regards to being candidly open on his thoughts and ideas.:exploding_head:


It’s simple. I gave up on high fidelity. somewhere in april the desktop ui changes not made it better. the never did create the tools builders need. a simple 3d manipulator the ignored for at least 15 months. possible it’s still not there. The graphics are bad in high fidelity. And so there’s a long list of important thing that are not important in high fidelity. High fidelity is interested in the vr bla bla part. not for the creators to make things. or desktop.

Not running your own server like you do with high fidelity have it’s good side to. On top of that, sansar is cheaper then high fidelity. I cannot run my own server for 10$, electricity cost already that or more. So sansar is beating high fidelity in costs.

Now sansar need some fixes to, nut that VR works a bit less good is not a problem. It’s important to have good build tools and graphics. Did say it before , high fidelity is failing complete n that. The did not listen.

At this moment sansar is just much better and years ahead of high fidelity. sansar makes you happy. with high fidelity you only get sad irritated mood. (bad desktop build interface) from high fidelity.

Anyway, there lot’s of people that cannot run high fidelity because it consume much more resources then sansar.

There must be room for both platforms. but tight now i know what to use.


We shall see. I see this like the space race both platforms pushing the tek forward.
People happy to live in the walled community of sansar and those who prefer to get involved and shape the metaverse in Hifi
Each to their own.
Watching the sim hopping stream yesterday it made me aware that its all the same people in both
If were all fighting for a handfull of secondlife users then none of this has a future
We need to appeal to normal people :slight_smile:


Yeah I would take a share of script kiddies Roblox players over those stuffy SLers anyday!


Good luck with Sansar.
Good luck with Sansar.
Good luck with Sansar.

(3 time because repeating seems to be something you like) :wink:


I love Hi Fi. :slight_smile:
Still such a novice and not able to do much, but I love it!


I hadn’t realized this before, but what I want is Roblox 2.0 not SL 2.0.


When I read Phil’s article about currency and blockchain I felt like I was reading a science fiction novel. Except this is real, and it’s happening in the next few months. It’s exciting…

If I had it my way every single one of these platforms would be successful though. The more success stories there are in social VR, the better it will be for the growth of VR in general. I’m glad AltspaceVR is making a comeback too, and I’ve never even used it (…oops).

It’s been the opposite experience for me. Sansar makes my PC sound like a jet engine. The fans go on overdrive even just by being on the main menu.

High Fidelity pushes my PC too but nowhere as badly.


I confirm, I experienced the same thing. I ran on Sansar a similar setup that I built on HF (Vankh domain) and the Sansar one was pulling more resources from my machine. The frame rate of my headset wasn’t comfortable as in HF.