Compatibility Keyhole Markup Language (KML)?



I started to learn and test HF yesterday.

It seems not be possible to import Keyhole Markup Language (KML) house (or anything) models.
Could that be true?

How about Unity3d? Is that any “bridge” to HF?



That is correct. HF only imports .fbx and .obj models. KML consists of geolocation data and COLLADA (.dae) models. you will need to create a workflow to convert .dae to .fbx and then deal with a myriad of issues to get the model converted correctly. High Fidelity uses Physically Based Rendering so there is a bit of conversion finesse to be done. I you want to do all this automatically and inexpensively, I recommend using Blender and write a bunch of python scripts, or hire someone to do that for you if you lack the skills to do some moderate programming

As for the geodata, that too poses a problem. The geodata placement assumes a very large sphere. Domains are linear space, so there may be some complex coordinate transform issues trying to flatten the curved space. A domain is a 32km cube (19.8 miles), so if your KML is describing that small a space, you can probably go with a simple transform, or even just map the sphere surface segment directly.

But, none of this is part of the HF import model. You are on your one to create the tools you need for this effort.

Finally, there is some ability to use Unity3D assets from their store. I’ve not done that but I think others have. I’m sure they will chime in.


Thank you, Balpien.Hammerer!

The georgraphical rendering I intend to put is about 1-2 km square. It is possible that I directly put other kind of coorindates based on a flat protection (we talk about ordinary street and building plan - classic topo).
That’s pity kml is not supported :frowning:

I tried to find out what is that HF “domain” to pay 20$/ year if I understand correct. After your explanation I realise it is a 32 km cube to dispose. Am I right?
Is it possible to people to teleport between domains if the owner made them visitable? How find them from inside High Fidelity Interface?


The $20/year is a fee to set up a place name that points to your domain. Details are here:

Yes, remember that domains are hosted by you. This means you provide the server. They call it the ‘sandbox’. Somebody in marketing thought that was a better name for ‘domain’. :wink:

You can use your home computer as the domain’s server and it is very easy to set that up, but unless you have excellent internet bandwidth, your home domain will be able to support only a few avatars. This is a good way to start because it is free. Once you build your world and expect many people to inhabit it, you should consider hosting your domain on a commercial server farm like Digital Ocean or Amazon Work Spaces or Rackspace.

Yes, it is possible to teleport easily either manually or by use of a scripted entity. When you run the interface app, press the “Enter” key. That will show you a list of active place names. Click on one to teleport to it. Most of the questions people have asked are answered here: