Compile error in latest master branch


I’m receiving a compile error in the latest master branch:

[ 63%] Building CXX object libraries/networking/CMakeFiles/networking.dir/src/LimitedNodeList.cpp.o
/usr/src/hifi/libraries/networking/src/LimitedNodeList.cpp: In member function ‘void LimitedNodeList::changeSocketBufferSizes(int)’:
/usr/src/hifi/libraries/networking/src/LimitedNodeList.cpp:133:25: error: ‘SendBufferSizeSocketOption’ is not a member of ‘QAbstractSocket’
bufferOpt = QAbstractSocket::SendBufferSizeSocketOption;
/usr/src/hifi/libraries/networking/src/LimitedNodeList.cpp:137:25: error: ‘ReceiveBufferSizeSocketOption’ is not a member of ‘QAbstractSocket’
bufferOpt = QAbstractSocket::ReceiveBufferSizeSocketOption;
make[3]: *** [libraries/networking/CMakeFiles/networking.dir/src/LimitedNodeList.cpp.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** [libraries/networking/CMakeFiles/networking.dir/all] Error 2
make[1]: *** [domain-server/CMakeFiles/domain-server.dir/rule] Error 2
make: *** [domain-server] Error 2



I’ll answer my own question.

The instructions for Ubuntu 14.04 list a ppa to add to obtain qt5.

Unfortunately this ppa contains qt 5.2.1

The compile error I am getting comes from the fact that the enum which is not found was added in qt5.3

So I guess the moral of the story is its not possible to build on the latest Ubuntu LTS :frowning:


Sorry I didn’t see this earlier or maybe could have saved you some time.

That’s why I gave up on 14.04 and moved to 14.10. Unfortunately I can’t remove the forum posts and old information I posted in reference to 14.04 when it still worked. It’s possible to make work on 14.04 if you can get QT 5.3.2 compiled, but it can get messy. Others have made it work on even 12.0? LTS using a docker instance. Most of the current published Linux info is for CentOS. I’ve also made it work using Firejail on 14.04 then basing the chroot Firejail instance on U14.10. Firejail has some minor similarity to docker - it’s a linux container implementation. While that works well it’s a nightmare to setup and maintain plus vulnerable to breaking should HF make substantial changes to how server stack works. On the plus side it’s a great way to run alpha level server code in a protected environment where any potential exploitable issue would limit an attacker to the container. It’s how I’m running my Linux based stacks even though I’m on 14.10 server. I still cringe seeing how many people are running stacks as root. Madness.


I just completed my build yesterday on Debian Jessie! It’s all good but sound. Any clues how to get Hifi to play nice with Pulse Audio:?