Compile HiFi under Ubuntu 14.04 fails


I tried to compile under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on a remote server, with additional packages from PPAs: Qt 5.3.2 and gcc-4.9 to fulfill the named requirements.


There are some warnings, but no errors and in the end it says “Generating done.” But there are lots of files, but no binaries or libs generated.

Any ideas? Kind regards,


Basically the general consensus has gone to support 14.10 of Ubuntu only - but 14.04 can still be done, you just need to manually compile Qt 5.3.2 at the very least.

Search the forums and you will see lots of posts from @OmegaHeron since he spearheaded the Ubuntu project but ultimately as HiFi is bleeding edge, I think I and maybe Omega have come to the consensus that the newest distros of each Linux is what we will support moving forward.


CMake only generates the build tree/make files.

make assignment-client
make domain-server

It may or may not work given the warnings thrown.


I’m not supporting anything.

As stated in my 14.10 thread - the requisite package list to get started is there - and between HF’s new pull deps and instructions in code repo - anyone should be able to sort it out who has even a hope of making this run.


Okie, its why I said maybe for you but I completely understand. You are the Ubuntu guy who usually has the answers for when people need help. I stick to my base with CentOS lol…


I didn’t mean to come across rude - just wanted to be clear. There’s, other than minor personal satisfaction, no reward in volunteer support. Especially considering it’s a total one way street. I’ve been banging my head against some problems for a couple of weeks - asked some questions in the more devel centered areas and not even a - “dunno or figure it out yourself”.


Hi all, thank you very much for your replies. So I will take a look into the 14.10 threads, what backports I must find to become compatible. Otherwise the 15.04 will come soon, which will have service (nearly) until the 16.04 LTE will be out. I have only that one “productive” OpenSim Server as “development system”, so setting up e new operating system is not done in an evening resulting in downtime.

@OmegaHeron: I’m not angry, and of course don’t await personal support to fix the whole thing for me.

It compiles now, only some errors in some targets remaining. Much more hope than this morning… :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


I used snippets from the CentOS install instructions as well, using Debian Jessie. I just converted the rpm instructions into apt-get. It runs fine, but with audio issues. That plus I am on HughesNet sat service which is laggy as merry hell. But it compiled, brought in the depends it needed and runs.