Compiler tries to call rcc instead of rcc-qt5


When using ‘cmake’ and ‘make’ to compile High Fidelity from Git on Linux openSUSE Tumbleweed x64, the compilation process attempts to call “/usr/bin/rcc” as the Qt compiler. The problem is that the qt5 binary is named “/usr/bin/rcc-qt5”. Alongside the normal libqt5-qtbase-common-devel package, I also had to install libqt4-devel which is normally deprecated… this fixed the compilation errors but likely produced a potentially buggy mixture of Qt versions.

As to my knowledge HiFi uses qt5 exclusively, I can only assume this is a bug. Hopefully the setup can be corrected so that the compiler detects the proper qt5 binary on this operating system.


Hmm… openSUSE… haven’t used that in awhile.

So far, all tests done thus far have been under Ubuntu (16.04 and 18.04). If your focus is just server stuff, I can try to do openSUSE tests and keep an eye on what is happening with the cmake stuff.

As dumb as it sounds, which version of cmake, for documentation sake?


Thank you. Cmake is version 3.12.0.

Apparently interface refuses to start after compilation with a symbol error, which I’m willing to bet is due to this mismatch. As a workaround I’m going to make a manual symlink to rcc-qt5 and call it rcc.


Hmm… Interface coding…

I can’t say I know all the tricks with that on Linux (last time was in Fedora 3/4 years ago). I know OmegaHerron had a script that did some odd stuff to Interface post compiling, so maybe there’s a lead there that can help. In fact, he even has a TumbleWeed section!