Complexity of content / distance always 0 / No visible content


Hi. I’ve had this problem since closed alpha: Usually within moments of entering world, I’m told ‘Due to the complexity of content, the level of detail has been decreased, you can now see 0 or 0 of default distance.’ Essentially, I can never see anything other than my av and stars, sometimes objects for fleeting moments.

I presume this means that graphics are being throttled in some way so my system can cope; but if so it is massively over-aggressive. I do have an old system and low spec, but it can cope with any modern games well enough. I have great bandwidth and up to date drivers.

I have an AMD Radeon HD 5450. 3Ghz quad core, 4GB ram. Windows 8.1. Every build to date, @ sandbox.

Is it a bug? A feature? Is there anything I can do?

With thanks.


@luna we try to keep the FPS up high, especially for those using a HMD. You can turn this off by going to your “Preferences” and turn your level of detail tuning to 0.


And just like that, she’s looking great. Thanks Chris.


It’s still some functionality to get worried about, keep FPS high is good. but corrupting the world and the experience todo that is a thing i don’t like. I think this a topic we will see more talk about in the future.


Considering that there are already lod settings in the fst file that is created when an object is packaged. It simply isn’t used as of the moment by the creators of the content (because it simply is alot of extra work to do).

So logically, as the interface tries to reduce the lod levels of the content, it will try first, from smallest complex entities to reduce the level of detail down a notch. If it cannot find a smaller lod defined, it simply skips rendering the model. Its upto the content creators to make the optimized models and packaged them in the fst file. As of the moment however, this selection is done by a distance.

Forexample the default robot avatar does have LOD levels set, but all other avatars on the market have none of the sort. This same methodologies also work for entities. (so entities actually should be “packed” by the interface client into fst files). Because entities do not have bilboards however, this means, that they will instead simply not appear.


When everyone begins to do this for the content they create, then we will begin to avoid the issue of stuff dissapearing around us.