Compliance by copyright research


I’m self not a character designer, so I would like to use a purchased character in Hifi. But I see for this at the moment no way, because you must enable everything without password entry and without encryption online. No matter whether the IP is well known, thats already violated the copyrights. There should still be a solution. Ignorance of the server IP is not enough.


I think this is planned, but so far did not make much sense in the alpha yet, because nobody is actually selling things yet. And there is also no payment system installed yet.


Sure, Adin. Here too, wait and see. :slight_smile:


I understand why people would not want to sell their digital goods without a permissions system in place. But it makes no sense that people are saying the lack of an in-world currency is also a reason nobody is doing business in HiFi yet.

Has nobody heard of PayPal? I have already paid someone for a service in here. Does business really have to wait for an in=world currency to be established?

Third-party chat interface, Third-party build tools, third-party financial framework…



Hello Sterling.

You have misunderstood me. What do I build during testing of Hifi, I would like to share. Unfortunately, the upload does not work into the marketplace with me.

I see my task in the time to the  public beta version in the provide of content too. But you can not build everything yourself, so you have to respect the copyrights of others. :wink:


Hello @JuelsDreki,

It is a pleasure to meet you.

Yes, I misunderstood you (apologies for this!)
And, I do understand the imperative to honor others’ copyright.

But what I am really asking is why HiFi needs to deploy its own in-world currency at all? Several have mentioned that there is no commerce here yet because there is no currency exchange system.

I am just curious why HiFi could not simply rely on a 3rd party system–it may not be PayPal; it could be some cryptocurrency system. But, why is it important that they build their own financial system?

If we are dependent on outside development tools for building and for text chat, why not finances? What is the benefit of bloating the HiFi system with a bespoke financial capability?

I am asking a genuine question, not trying to make a point.