Compound Collision Mesh Issues


Yesterday i was testing out using the primitive cube shape to create bounding box/collision meshes for one of my models. It worked pretty well and i was able to walk around on the deck of one of my ship models and look at it up close which was very cool. In conjunction with the cube i also tried to use the sphere primitive but for some reason it has no bounding box.

Is there a way to get more of these primitive shapes, like for example a cylinder? Or a sphere that actually works?


You can also create a convex hull shapes from the object that you’re using and insert that into the entity properties for the shape.


Ah ok, so i can just make a low rez version of the model, like an LOD model, and then import it as collision mesh. Thats awesome! Thanks :smile:


Ok so i did a test with a model a made for a game mod. Its a WW1 British Mark 2 heavy tank, since the game i made it for uses an LOD system i decided to made LOD 1 the main model and LOD 2 the collision mesh.

Both of these models take up the exact same amount of space and dimensions but the result looks like this, Im standing on the top of the collision mesh.

Also the width and length dont match up either. Is there a way to see the collision mesh after its attached?


Hey @B_DizL can you send me an email? I can’t send private messages from this user account yet. I think that is a restriction of the forum platform similar to the twenty char minimum.


Ok, i responded. Sorry about the delay. BTW i just started reading Snow Crash. Just got to the part where the mention the metaverse :smile:


I’ve been doing some tests @B_DizL and @chris and I’m seeing similar issues.
I export a collection of convex extruded quads to serve as collision but the behavior in HiFi has them in strange locations that don’t make any sense. Definitely not registered with the visual mesh. I’ve checked the pivots in Maya and they’re all aligned and all transforms are zeroed out.
Is there any way to visualize the compound shapes in Interface?
Are there other limitations that need to be avoided?
I already found that an exported FBX (from Maya 2015) wouldn’t work but an obj would.