Configuration files on Ubuntu



Where are the configuration files of the domain-server and the assignment-client on Ubuntu ? I don’t have the build permissions on my server and I’ve read I should check the config files to fix that.

Thank you


you should be able to visit the IP address of your ubuntu machine in a web browser with an added port to get to the “Settings” page where you can adjust permissions.

the url will look like this

you may have to open that port to traffic


Build permissions are enabled via browser as stated by james_hifi .

In addition the config files in Ubuntu are located in
~/.local/share/“High Fidelity”/

or issue in a terminal

cd ~/.local/share/“High Fidelity”/

I put double quotes around High Fidelity because my terminal complains there is “no such file” if the path has a folder name with a space.


I’ve tuned the permissions with the web interface, and it works now. Thank you :slight_smile:

@rcantada : I haven’t found cd ~/.local/share/“High Fidelity”/ folder on my Ubuntu server. It must be located somewhere else.


Try cd /.local/share etc

These folders are outside of the root folder.


This is the good place. Thank you