Confusion at login


Its a bit difficult for users to know if they are logged in or not, there is no BIG SIGN saying Logged in or not logged in.

Users are wandering around not logged on because they simply dont know. The very ability to wander around before they are logged in is totally alien to people, EVERYONE thinks that because they are inworld, they are logged in.
It needs to be made much clearer that someone is NOT logged in.

Further to that there is a current bug, I am logged in but this is what it looks like on my screen.

So it is even more confusing now than it usually is. am I logged in or not?


No you are not. And yes, this is a “Bug” that has appeared lately. The title bar should not have your name@domain on it. It should say unknown_user or anonymous_user@domain etc.

Access to HiFi domains should not be tied to logging in to HiFi’s (the company’s) database. An obvious reason is because we want this to work when there is no connection to the internet.

Many other use cases of a truly open source virtual metaverse include: education, corporate, development and just because you are not ready to open things up.

People working for HiFi have stated in the past: “there can be more than our name service in the future”. Let’s hope that this continues to be the case.


But the strange thing is, I was logged in, I could do everything as if I was logged in. For all intents and purposes I am logged in, the only thing to suggest I might not be logged in is the option to “Log In”.
But I assure you the system saw me as logged in, so there is another bug here.

I then logged in, and nothing else changed except the Menu item showed “Log Out”.


Some things are tied to login. For example perms on domains, groups etc. I ran into it awhile ago and, like you, did not realize I was not logged in. I was told it was a bug. I just hope it is temporary and really just a bug in the title bar.


In case I am not making myself clear, I was logged in, absolutely and without doubt.
The only thing that suggests I was not logged in was the option to log in.

So this bug is not in the title bar, the bug is in the menu item. Perhaps a new bug?


You did make yourself clear, and that is what I thought too. What may be the issue here is: either a crash that then asks if you want to use current settings, a change of the computer you are on (even if it set to auto login) or something else.

I am not saying anything about your experience, just what happened to me.


There’s also an issue (and I’ve filed this as a bug in HF’s bug system) where - if you chose to reset settings (like after a crash) and tell it to create a new config - but - you keep your login information you end up in a kind of logged in and kind of not logged in state. You’ll show as user_name@someplace in title bar, but, various things will be out of sync and work/not work. This is what leads to showing “logged in” indication in title bar, but, menus then show option to log in… There’s definitely a logic bug in that entire evaluation. Eventually, I hope, it’ll be addressed.