Confusion for users if building with "0 Servers"?


Something I observed when I first visited my plot on the strip… I saw “0 servers” allocated which I thought a bit odd… but it “LOOKED” to be working. Nothing else visible around me. I was able to place and edit some voxels even… and though they seemed to appear slowly and keep dropping out and coming back it seemed as if I was building okay. Here is the 0 server screenshot…

But when I went to another location and came back, I saw 8 servers allocated and buildings (from other alpha testers) all around me. Here is the 8 server screenshot…

The problem seems to be that a user might be misled into thinking they are in a live environment and working normally if they were in the “0 servers” situation. The “0” and “8” server screens are essentially the same appearance if no other buildings are round you, and it’s even worse if you don’t have the stats bar (toggled with “/”) showing.


After a brief period when there were servers running when I tried to get to hifi:// sine the for some hours whenever I go to that domain I see no builds (my own or those of other testers) and I see “Servers: 0” in the stats bar.

It could just be that no servers are allocated to that domain just now, or it could be that I have some other issue… but it got me thinking that we do need a way to know the status of domains and server availability (even if they are out due to maintenance) so people know where they stand.

Meanwhile, can anyone else reach hifi:// ?


Ah well, @Judas explained things to me. Silly me? Or confusing interface?

When I went to hifi:// I was actually “nowhere”… no servers allocated as the domain doe snot exiist. yet the Interface makes you think it does… and even lets you build voxels!

The strip is actually on hifi:// !!

Issue resolved… but maybe “go to location” (@) ought to tell you if the domain does not exist or has no servers?

Try @ hifi://
and see what you get in the Interface… you can build and delete voxels here… even bookmark and name that location and “go to location” to it again later!