Connect account buttons very flat colored!


Where just pressing some buttons and cancel. not want to conenct acount to my local sandbox. But the colors of the buttons are very flat.


Years later… and this problem is still not fixed.
It really did made my puzzled. Why are the buttons not getting enabled after pasting the token in.

There’s really no color change between active and not active or enabled buttons.

For users it looks like the have done soemthingw rong, because the ok button not get enabled after pasting the token. (not clear good color.

The contrast of that page is anyway good for not more then a 2 on the rapport. Very bad contrast between background and foreground.

It still looks terrible. I think it got worse with contrast.

Just use everywhere HIGH contrast colors. it’s more easy to read. It’s nonmsens if some seintists say lower contrast is betetr for eyes. Well it’s not !