Connect linux server from Mac interface


Hi, everyone

As a newbie here, less one week, I just wonder if high fidelity support connecting cloud linux domain-server from interface installed on Mac OS or Windows? I try connecting my own server so many times, but all failed. If supported, could somebody give me some hints or instructions? I’m very appreciate your help

Below maybe some useful information:
[03/06 19:00:47] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Starting worker thread to generate 2048-bit RSA keypair.
[03/06 19:00:47] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Generated 2048-bit RSA keypair. Uploading public key now.
[03/06 19:00:47] [WARNING] [default] Public key upload failed from AccountManager “Host requires authentication”
[03/06 19:00:49] [WARNING] [default] Cannot send an ice-server heartbeat without a private key for signature.
[03/06 19:00:49] [WARNING] [default] Waiting for keypair generation to complete before sending ICE heartbeat.
[03/06 19:00:49] [DEBUG] [hifi.networking] Clearing current private key in DataServerAccountInfo