Connecting to a domain that is not attached to an HF token


Is it still possible to run a domain DS/AC stack where it is not connected to a HF identity token? I have two stacks running - one at a data center attached with an ident token and place name and a second on my home LAN not attached to a place name or ident token at HF.

With the LAN setup running I attempt from interface to navigate to and nothing - all I see in log on interface side is attempting to connect to repeatedly. If I attach that same AC/DS stack to a HF token and place name it works fine. My place names are due to expire in a few weeks so I wanted to be sure I could still work with this without one.


Unfortunately - as far as I can see - you can’t delete a post. So - just ignore this. It probably still works with ip address as it always has - it’s simply a matter of AC becoming so unstable this evening that it won’t run more than a few minutes - 5 revs back it’s fine.


umm… doesn’t localhost still work as url?

Just checked… it seems to work for me. But the one I am testing with is registered so maybe someone else should try it … or I could dust off old machine.


It’s probably fine - some DS/AC instability was introduced today and my AC/DS processes are crashing on Linux which is why I couldn’t connect by IP reference. The machine running at data center was still a few revisions back for its binaries and works fine. I’ll check back next time I think of it and see if AC/DS returns to running more than a few moments without crashing.