Connecting to Local Server


Finally got the server programs built in Windows, but I’m not sure how to connect to my own server. The github says there’s an option in Preferences, but alas, my Preferences menu (under Edit) has nothing of the sort.

Is there a script I need to enable? Or maybe I’m missing something else?


@example6 Nice work! What is the address? You simply File>Go to Domain, and put in your address.


@chris This is what I had been doing, and I’m able to build there, but as soon as I leave and come back the place is empty. Do I need to create a hashtag for a place or something? I will be making a linux server soon, after having read that only Windows clients can connect to Windows servers, and will give out the address then.


Are you also running the assignment clients for you domain? You need these servers running for your models to persist