Connection by place name


I installed domain server on ubuntu 16.04 using DigitalOcean & Linode.

Thanks to How to compile a Stable Build of the Linux Server Stack on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

But I could not connect a domain I created by temporal place name, hifi://salmon-array-4675.

But I could connect by just ip address,

I could connect welcom domain and other places.

Any ideas?


Have you tried following the directions in

It explains how to connect your domain to your account via settings if you havnt, generate a domain id etc.

if you still have issues after that let me know


it means randomly generated domain name (temporal place name) can not be used to connect to a place?


I understand now, I thought you bought a place name and was trying to connect to it.

You are using the temporary place name and trying to connect through it. For one make sure in the settings you have full networking enabled to make sure it configures networking correctly.


you mean anonymous’ permission?

It is default setting, connect checked, and others unchecked.
And localhost’s permission is all checked.

Only with connect checked, I couldn’t connect.
But I checked anonymous’ like localhost’s permission, I CAN! wow

just connect means nothing?

why is that?