Connections Desktop App


Hello everyone! So I did a thing a little while ago and thought id throw it up on here. Introducing the…

Connections Desktop App!


ooooooo ahhhhhh etc etc. Super duper big thanks to @humbletim for doing all of the work with figuring out getting all the peeps!


  • Gives you desktop notifications when connections come online.
  • Goto your connections location at the click of the button.

Super fancy I know!

I’ve thrown it up on my BitBucket which you can get to here you need to use an identity token from HiFi’s website to get it to kick in (more on that at the BitBucket) its pretty straight forward and all that. Feel free to fork the hell out of it and tell me what I did wrong ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).


i logged in just to like this, you’re welcome!


haha, ass (insert some more words because there’s a 20 character limit)