Considering a new community meeting time -- feedback welcome!


Hello all,

We’re looking at alternate times for the community meetings (currently Fri, 2 PM Pacific) to be a bit friendlier to our friends across the Atlantic ocean. How would meeting on Thursdays at Noon (Pacific) suit you? I believe that would be about 8 PM in the UK.

Would this time suit you or be a problem?



If it could be recorded, this would be appreciated.
No chance for me to be able to attend at any of these times.


Prefers Friday doesn’t need to wake up Saturday,wishes that phlash’s set was earlier it starts at midnight which is great unless u wake up at 6am
Have you considered moving all this to a time Americans can attend i.e when they’re not at work.
Tho that would make it when your not at work and I’m asleep lol

Yeah do Thursday at 8


I guess the push is for us to work IN the metaverse and not ‘after - hours’ :wink:


The time sounds very good. = 21:00 here if converted correct.


Friday is fine 4 me, only one or two hours earlier would be nice…


I’m worried that Thursday at noon would exclude folks who work normal jobs (hah, not me.)
However, Friday at 2PM is right in between my business hours, personally.
What about the weekend?


Why not a different time each week of the month… and the session recorded.


Hello, please keep on going Fri, 2 PM Pacific time.
Also a good time to prepair us for Rust later on.

I m a European shift worker.


Friday 23:00 CET is ok for me. 22:00 is better.