- remote javascript development console


… just discovered Console.Re beta – which is a free remote development console for JavaScript applications.

It works like console.* except you can use any web browser in the world to monitor the output in real time – even on your mobile phone via QR code link. Multiple people can monitor the same output simultaneously too.

Here is a screen shot of me testing it out with entity clicks (and just for fun – colorizing part of the log message using the actual entity color):

Right now I’m using an ugly workaround to load it into HiFi, but if anybody else is interested lemme know and we’ll figure out a way to make it more straightforward. Probably will need to contact its author to see about adding support for a factory pattern (so each script instance has the opportunity to specify a channel id and grab a local reference); something like this maybe:

Script.include('{TBD hifi}');
var con ='{your-chosen-channel-identifier}');
con.warn('hello from scripting!!');
// ... and then you'd view the output at{your-chosen-channel-identifier}


I think support for this “concept” should be built in, not necessarily to support a single application, but to assist in the WAR on WebSockets.

As vague as that sounds, I think given the context you understand what I’m trying to say.

Thanks @humbletim!