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High Fidelity cab very good and replacement for Secondlife.
But there’s one thing that i still see as very weak point. And we talked about that before.

Content !

The way High Fidelity is build and the way content is stored and accessed is pretty good idea. But not if you don’t own the content you buy from others. What i like to see is that like websites you buy content from others and host that on your own webspace. In that way you have always a working domain and get scammed is much lower risk. Or just that after a few months content dissapeares vbecause the creator domn’t like high fidelity or something else bad happend. I see this problem in Second;life already with contenmt that use webbased scripts. i have some nice tools that stopped working. And that makes me still a bit grumpy.

And the risk that you lose buyed content in high fidelity nee dto be placed ssdaly for me in higher risk category. It’s nicer that it work like opensim. you get the comtenmt and then you have it as long your backups work. Only the protectioin in Opensim is weak.

This create a few problem,

  1. Creators need to want to sell the content as content and not sell you a link.

  2. Content that get selled to you so you can host t yourself need to have some protection against changes if the license is not allowing that. Also like other wrote lock the content you buy to some domain, but this cannot be domain name, it need to be some UUID. so you can still change placename.

Abd this is where i got sofar. We need to find a way so you as domain owner host the content you buy yourself. instead of trust some hosting that can dissapear or is palced at the other side of the sea and makes it slower to load.

Let’s talk !



I hear you - I’m very much on the lookout for a way to safely distribute content in the future. The problem is, as always, how to protect creators IP rights - in a perfect world, I’d be happy to produce for free, but in this world I do have to eat and pay rent…

I did have a brief look at a potential blockchain based solution a while ago - it’s kinda on the edge of my knowldge sphere, but it seemed to tick a lot of the check boxes:

I’d be very interested to hear any comments or observations…

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I had a related proposal that I’ve maintained over at (I’ve have updated sense you last commented on it)

that would allow the facillation of this which would allow asset servers to determine who owns an asset hosted in there. I have to read @davedub suggestion though