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@Judas asked some important questions about the Morph3D avatars. I really like the avatars in that market, and we really need to discuss content control to protect their rights and our perils. This has been one of those hypothetical conversations in the past. Well, we now have a real case to handle. Here is the Morph3D EULA:


  • Personal Use Only
  • Cannot be sold, rented, transferred, lent (aka Personal Use Only)
  • Cannot be more than 50 instances in-game (what does that imply??)
  • You agree to protect their content from unauthorized disclosure (can we say DRM?)
  • You (buyer/user) agree that if they (Morph3D) even think you’ve violated terms they will take you to arbitration and if you lose (high probability), you pay all attorney & arbitration fees

I’ve seen this is the kind of onerous in far too many cases. Now we see the same onerous contract in getting an avatar?! Why would I or anyone else place themselves at peril to a tens of thousands of dollar arbitration and attorney fees because someone snatched their avatar from my asset servers in which HF does absolutely nothing to stop or help me from letting that happen?

Until this is fixed with some form of indemnity or limitation of damages or some form of content control. I am not getting an avatar from Morph3D.

So what we do to both protect the rights of IP owners like Morph 3D and let of use their content while protecting ourselves to some level of reasonableness with content management or protection methods?

It could as simple as requiring the IP owners to provide servers for their assets. We license their content and presumably their give us a key that we present to their servers. When I write ‘we’ I mean that interface has a key store is creates on our behalf and presents some authentication tokens to their servers.

A generalization of that is to extend that protocol so that we the plurality of asset holders can vet download requests. I do hope HF management can join here and help us soonest. Maybe you are working on this. If so, thanks much but please disclose soonest.


It answers the currency question tho dosent it daz payments are in dollars.what would anyone use a currency for in hifi now.


I’m starting from more basic which is even if you do use one of their avatars (and BTW, this is obviously not just about Morph 3D but about any commercial content provider), how can you meet their requirement of not letting anyone else snatch it?

And yes, assuming you work out a derivative deal with them to license the avatar or your derivations of it for resale, it’s locked to fiat currency. I think that’s a question for content providers. They need to decide how they will work out franchises or sell-through deals.

Frankly I think they just want to sell to end users.


Morph 3D and its library licensors retain all rights in, title to, and ownership of the Morph 3D Content
Restrictions on Copying, reverse engineering, or decompiling.
Each individual must obtain his or her own license to use the Content. User acknowledges and allows that copies of the Content may be made when the Content have been integrated as parts of electronic games and interactive media.
User shall not reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble Content.
The guy at the show last night said we could edit them in whatever software we liked in contradiction to this

interesting one
Delivery of Content in a streamed or on-demand way in which the total number of different pieces of Content situationally available from User is greater than twenty.

this one we all broke last night
Use of Content in an application where the total number of unique users of the application allowed to interact with each other in any given instance of the application is greater than fifty.

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