Content goes away but still shows in stats


I have a domain running on VMWare
Sometimes, a lot of the time, I log into a vacant space, stars only, the 5 servers show as running, the ping is good, the triangles show as normal, and the web settings show all assignments running and even shows my agent present.

TP back and forth, no change, re-enter destination, no change, relog no change. Restart server fixes it (temporarily)

Why cant I see any entities?
This is the only one of my domains that does this.


developer version or beta version ?
I visit earth not long ago, it did say disconnected and only stars.
So i guessed earth is running dev version with the protocol change. But not sure.


Beta version, its not connected to a name, its not earth.

BTW I’m not talking about the temporary restart of domains that sometimes dont come back and you have to do the TP do-si-do, that happens but this is completely gone but still all there?!?
Shows as connected, thats the funny part.

Earth was running latest updates until 2 -3 days ago, was offline for maybe 2 days, then we switched over to stable builds.
Earth should be rock solid now, except I am about to upgrade its hardware because it struggles a bit under load.


Then you run more then high fidelity on it. :open_mouth: Not see that high fidelity gives a load problem right now.


Nope, nothin but sandbox. not even a viewer.

Earth has some pretty obscure stuff going on, lots of weirdo scripts and zones and over 3 million tris in some directions.
and currently running on 500M is actually doing pretty good. Yeah we reached some limits :slight_smile:


Oh, you mabye run assignment script. Not used that at all so no experience with that and cpu load. That;s my error in thinking.