Content not loading anymore on my domain after windows update


Ok, my server did need updates. so you update. You shutdown sandbox etc. quite in menu. After updating you start sandbox again.

And later , i need to login for some testing. Black domain with only stars !
The content is not loading anymore !

More people seen this ?
Now time to dig around on the server to see if something did happen.
Everything worked fine before the window server updates. build 4970

ADD: strange, the sandbox where started but the server where not started. AHa, can someone explain why this happend. i know sandbox did not start so i did start it manual.

[06/16 22:52:51] [CRITICAL] [5448] [assignment-client-monitor] Failed to open HTTP server socket: The bound address is already in use, can’t continue

Aha, that bug is back again ! ill make issue.
ADD: High fidelity get installed under your administrator account, and not under the user you start the installation !


I think I get a similar issue, described here: