Content not visible (need urgent help)


Domains were working fine and suddenly content doesnt show.
Just see stars, shows 5 servers and triangle count and the ping is as normal, but no content shows.

This happens for me at at least two domains Australia and Capitola and happens for others at domain Qbit.

Need some information urgently please, demo about to happen.



I’m on California soil I want to see if I can replicate. Not suggesting I’ll be able to do a damn thing about it, just figured it’s nice to know your message in a bottle has been seen… standby…


Thanks Alf.
Just tell me what you see in those locations I posted, thanks.


Capitola is OK for me. I am in California, tool


Hi Fran, thanks. Could you please check out Qbit and see if it rezzes?


Australia = not connected
Capitola = loading and showing content

Qbit = showing content to. but i think takes a while to load. Most i see is entities , grassA few tree’s one building. a rotating flodyseum advertise cube. It’s at least doing soemthing.


Qbit is very slow for me but I assumed it was hotel wifi. Checking the others.

Australia is online and sending content.

Capitola… standby…


That is working now too.


I typed in sandbox and hit enter. It segfaulted.
I’m gonna hit the shower. Thanks for showing me around and I’m glad we have good loadtimes.


Thanks for the help everyone, I have the answers I need.


@Adrian, go to conferencing (low content, not ATP). See if that works for you.


Oops. Sorry. I am on a cable car now.