Contest: VR Pet Challenge!


To celebrate the return of sharing tools to High Fidelity, we are sponsoring a little competition: create a pet! Create dogs, cats, dragons, robots, or whatever else strikes your fancy as a fun pet for High Fidelity. Up to three prizes of $1,000 each will be awarded.

The event will be organized in two parts:

First Round

Enter by creating and submitting a pet to High Fidelity’s Marketplace prior to Monday, July 18th at noon PDT. They should be submitted in the Pets category.

Information on how a pet can be added to High Fidelity are available here including the process for submitting a new asset to High Fidelity’s asset repository.

Second Round

Over the following days, the High Fidelity community will comment on the submitted assets and recommend a “short list” of assets to be reviewed by judges. This list will be forwarded to High Fidelity staff.

On July 21st at 5pm PDT, High Fidelity will announce up three winners, including an explanation of the reasons each winning entry was selected.


The full legal description of this challenge is here.

This event is being launched in conjunction with the return of our Marketplace. Submissions will be available to the public during the event. Owners can remove assets after the event at their discretion.

If you have questions, please reply to this thread. Thanks, and good luck!



page 5 of 12 of the .pdf…

Did you guys proof-read this? Or am I that terrible at math? o.O


We proofread it, and that still made it through. I’ll get it fixed, @AlphaVersionD. :slight_smile:


Is this a static mesh, animated or scripted or a combination of all 3 ?


Would be cool, if a standard script could get provided. I am not a scripter, and a static mesh - for me - is a sculpture. To make a thing become a pet, it should at least have a little animation. I remember, for SL there was a script it plays differently materials and simulate animation. But maybe it can be made like that robot on Playa.


Agrees also not a scripter but I could make it wag it’s probe .if people are expecting it to walk and talk and poop I can’t do that stuff


12 days also sounds like a reaaaally tight schedule to make such time to script and mesh and animate with the amount of free time available for some for High Fidelity… Ill give it a shot though, I think I have an idea.


Pitches his idea of breedable prims


It is a tight schedule, especially for any meaningful scripting or, for that matter, newly created 3D content (can’t run to turbo-squid after all). But, I think this can be a fascinating bare bones kinda pet, quest, thing. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a team up is required, someone who can build a model, someone who can create textures in photoshop, someone who can animate it in fbx, and someone who can write a script to make it behave in Hifi. So that shouldnt be… wait a minute, how many days?

Yeah I might go and steal George the Goat from Kevins domain and change the texture. lol.
Or that cat that used to roam around the Alpha domain, actually I wonder if butterflies count as pets




That’s the idea–make something that you can reasonably finish within the time constraint. I will say that we are planning more contests with differing types of content and time parameters. In this case, we’re excited to see what people come up with on the fly!

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Am I able to start with a mesh I made in the past for something else? Or do the assets have to be brand new?


Sure, you can adapt assets you’ve got. The important part is that they be of your own making.

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the “Territory” means the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec), United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Mexico and Japan.

As a side note, apparently being Finnish (of Finland) I am ineligible from the compo? :frowning: .


Well we hate the Finnish with their um Saunas and Lordi :stuck_out_tongue:


Do note that if you wish to, you can make use of the example scripts here: Those are (and have been) available for anyone to use.


Checking on this, @Menithal.


outside the “Territory” means the United States, Canada (excluding Quebec), United Kingdom with the exception of where Judas is, Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, India, Mexico and Japan.

Its going badly this might help my chances