Contest: VR Pet Challenge!


Sounds fun! :slight_smile: Would be a nice challenge


With this project I feel that if its not a scripted thing I wont stand a chance.
The extra time that was discussed in the meeting reminded me of when i worked hard to complete a school assignment to a deadline then the lazy kids got extra time.


Here is an early prototype of “Pixelle” . I’ve been pretty much radio silent this whole week in expectation of a tight deadline. I guess it doesn’t pay to put in hard work huh? I’m sorry I couldn’t be at yesterdays meetup but was busy with my day job and pretty exhausted by the time I was done. Sometimes it would seem alphas have an “unfair advantage” when it comes to knowing what is what around here, but that is just the result of sticking around through the mess of alpha builds. We should work to bring new users up-to-par with building pipelines instead of accommodate a longer duration workflow. One of the first tutorials on alpha-docs was how to rez a butterfly. I did that in a DK2 and it was magic. This is a throwback to those ‘old-times’ @Adrian tipping my hat to you sir with respect to the “butterfly” comment. :wink:


Why do people hate Quebec?


@menithal: We’re adding Finland to the list of eligible territories for our contests.

@Konstantin: Quebec has some very stringent rules about contests. Sorry. :frowning:

@judas and @AlphaVersionD: The deadline for entry hasn’t changed. If it did, an announcement would be made on the forum.


K, thanks :slight_smile: We are attempting to put something together… though I don’t think it will be too fancy. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone submits!


Uuuu, I did not saw this, I’m not a rigger or animator (i know just too little about it), does this need to be animated?


For this contest, we didn’t specify, and that was on purpose! Make what you like, and what you enjoy making. :slight_smile:


Here the first sketch of the pet I have in mind, kinda like a mini / baby dragon. Lets see if I can make it, deadline is kinda tight, I will see if I can record a small timelapse of the sculpt in blender with the new addons of dynatopo.


Ooooo, kewl looking. Kinda reminds me of a little breedable dragons thingy I saw on SL once.


Playing a little bit with the colors, gold and Onix stone.


Just sharing the derpiness

And it just gives up.


Wow, that’s better than I managed.
I’ve given up on this contest. Far more pain than reward.

But, at least we are seeing the myriad missing and/or broken interfaces needed to make this work well!


Have you implemented a vertical attractor? That tipping forward effect is what often happens when an object strikes a bump. The physics engine imparts a rotational force to a non-centered collision. A vertical attractor (which unfortunately is not a built-in property in HF)is necessary to keep it righted. You’ll have to run a timer loop like 10x/sec to monitor the pet’s local up and make force corrections when up goes beyond some threshold angle.


Haha… That looks like my cats when they run into something unexpected.


That tipping forward was actually the result of the velocity thrusting it forwards towards the deep part of the bump. And because the hull was just a rectangle it didn’t know how to compensate.

The calculate normal of the face where the ray trace was pointing to, was ofcourse correct, so it was in tolerance for keeping upright… And when debugging this, I ended up in the second gif :smiley:


Here a small update.


I don’t know what it is… but I am making this thing :slight_smile:


Looks like a cross between the Cheshir cat from Alice in Wonderland, and a lion. Is this something you created, or is this a statue you found somewhere? If its a statue, where is it from originally? Definitely interesting, regardless. :smiley:


lol, I made it in 3d coat :wink: I wanted something with a big mouth and a Cheshire like smile… and I didn’t think it was a good time to have something with lots of limbs to animate and such. I haven’t figured out a name for it yet though.