Control VR has and interesting video


ControlVR is a new kickstarter overing virtual arm, hand, and finger motion control. The mot interesting part i thought was the second part of the video where they show three guys sharing the same space as avatars and messing about with hand gestures picking up stuff throwing at each other, poking each others eyes out and reacting to their personal space being invaded. Very funny and interesting.


Holy yes, especially the ability to sign inworld.


Fantastic, looks like a lot of fun.


Oh yes, thats cool. With that and the right build interface you dont need a mouse or keyboard.
Only bag with money :slight_smile: offcorse this dont need to be very expensive. now only good thing for walking thats nopt takeing a whole room…


It’s still cheaper than Maya


It’s the Synertial IGS glove at a far more consumer friendly price, from the actual Synertial folks. I’m somewhat torn on ordering as I am anticipating PrioVR to finally announce their long-rumored glove once they get their current suit manufactured and I’d rather add on gloves to the suit core than buy a whole separate rig. It looks like Control VR is beating them to the punch though, with a really awesome package. The fact that it is not wireless may give it an edge in latency.

It all certainly means more challenges in rigging avatars.


Buy it, BUY IT ALL, BUY EVERYTHING!!! , one of these things is bound to eventually work with something!


I was following this for quite a while, I am not 100% sure but I think I read some place the team behind this stopped making the project, not because he didn’t wish to continue making it but the people they partnered up with took off with the project or did something lame like that.

The people behind Node on YouTube are some of the people behind this project, if you look up at some of their videos it is being used, tho I think they should my self of kept working on it in house and never went for an outside partner because it killed the project when that happened.

I also just noticed this an old 3 year topic, my bad for reviving it!