Controller.getButtonValue() and 2 related being removed from the API


The following 3 functions are going to be removed from the API:

  • Controller.getButtonValue(StandardButtonChannel, uint16_t = 0)
  • Controller.getAxisValue(StandardAxisChannel, uint16_t = 0)
  • Controller.getPoseValue(StandardPoseChannel, uint16_t = 0)

These functions do not currently work: the first throws a JavaScript error and the other two are not able to be called (see below). And these functions are not currently used.

These functions are distinct from the following 3, working functions which will remain in the API:

  • Controller.getValue(int)
  • Controller.getAxisValue(int)
  • Controller.getPoseValue(int)

(The final 2 of this trio of functions are called whenever an attempt is made to call the final 2 of the trio being removed from the API.)