Controller remap that makes sense for those without HMD


Using keyboard and mouse to move around in HiFi is all but broken, what with the lack of mouse grabbing/caging, spasming and having to hold RMB to look around, at least this is my experience on GNU/Linux. Therefor I decided I wanted to use my 360 controller when exploring and messing around, but it turns out that isn’t doable at all! You need an HMD to be able to look up and down, because the right stick Y-axis is bound to jump/fly and descend…

So here’s my remap. Feel free to change anything or request a change if you are unsure about how it could be done.


bit more deadzone space on the xbox one controller would be nice to. And it’s funy that problems i talked and complained about come many months later back.

No i did not jump in the script in that time to change it. And still avoid it with all the changes.

But yes one stick for moving and one stick for looking around and i would use some button to activate strafe.


Are you saying you wish the script to have an even higher deadzone value? 0.35 is already rather high. It’s really something that should ideally be a simple slider for the end user since it differs for every controller, but that’s another level of scripting I don’t have the time for right now.

Strafing is achieved by moving the left stick along the X axis.


Not sure how the deadzone is set in the default scripts from high fidelity. But it seems low for xbox one cntroller. When i use it, it still trigger movement with the most small touch of the stick.

Yes slider would be a good idea.

Uhmm, if you use the left stick for moving forward and strafe.
And the right stick for looking around. That would be my choce.
How do you rotate and jump ?

Or look around need to be moved to the A,zB,C,D buttons ? Not nice gor it.


Looking in a direction horizontally rotates your body. The deadzone should be okay but you can just change the number if it feels off for you with the script.

Have you tried it?


Sorry, i have not tried yours. i work so far with the default aettings and scripts.