Controlling the camera


I have been looking and trying to figure out how to control the camera (sl term)when not using the rift. I turned on an option called “head mouse” but that did nothing.

so that’s what I’m wondering right now.


I’m using a keyboard, but I suspect I’m in the minority with that.
y,u,j,k, and m seem to move the camera, I think a and d do too, but they might move the avatar. you can also move stuff with the arrow keys (I think that moves the avatar, but I’m not honestly sure).

Don’t take that as gospel, but if you’re using a keyboard and are completely lost -it’s a starting point.


I’m curious about this as well. I’m on Windows and have a webcam and played around with the settings a bit, but couldn’t figure out how to look around. Is there no way to control the camera (pitch up and down) with the mouse? Additionally, does any of the webcam functionality work in Windows?