Controls for Filming/Pictures/Games Separate Camera


Now way starting to get more controls and it’s starting to be worked on properly now I believe we need a way of having a separate camera from our avatars

By using sensors or controllers or any other device

I’ve talked about this in the past of having a held camera as well

But this can be technically done with any device along It has motion detection/tracking In some way

There has been some work done on the 360 controller / space navigator

I believe we need an interface to change what they do with certain controllers/tracking the hardware

And obviously we need the fly cam experience

I will talk about this more in detail but just want to get people’s ideas of what they want to see


How more i watch tv or listen to music. how more i see hifi.
There’s offcorse one small problem, between idea’s and make or do it are 2 seperate problems.

But anyway, with high fidelity it would be usefull iuf you make movies that you can have a scripted camera. so you can program a path to as example your avatar. Why scripted, because you need your hands to control, and move the avatar and arms + hands in some cases.

So i hope we can script at soem point a (seperate) camera. But let’s first iron the annoying other bugs out.