Convert to Unity?


Is there currently a way to export a HiFi domain to move it into Unity? We are wanting to try to get our world on as many platforms as possible.



Why would you want to do that?


@Cracker.Hax Well, i guess because High Fidelity have a limitted support on other platforms ?

But i do not see how you could move high fidelity to unity. It’s not the same. scripts not compatible.


It works fine in Windows and Linux. Not sure about Mac because I never tried, but from what I understand others have. What other platforms are there? Phones? Xbox? Playstation?


I do hope that the dev will invest on higher priorities before make a bridge to Unity.


My guess would be that they would leave that for others to do if they wanted.


I agree, it’s normally what happen.
I can’t imagine for example Facebook building a profile exporter to Google+ :wink:

or a captain saying:

  • Come on guy! Let’s sink our own boat! :wink:


I guess, people want to run everything on smartphones. uhmm yes i have one now. but use it very basic. And not udnerstand how people can look at the tiny screens whole day :grin:

Playstation could be interesting.


I could see hifi on smart phones, but only as a chat app, or marketplace.