Converting Meshes (OBJ, 3DS, etc) to Voxels (SVO)


A colleague of ours, Jeroen Baert, has been kind enough to share some of the work from his studies at KU Leuven (if you’re interested: dive into his PhD research)

The tool will allow you to convert from OBJ or 3DS (among others) to SVO, the native format for voxels in High Fidelity. It offers parameters for the level of detail of the voxels outputted, the coloring behaviour when ‘baking’ color into each voxel, and more …

Check out his GitHub repository here, you’ll find binaries for Mac, Windows, Linux (under the binaries section):

Since we are in private alpha and there’s no monetization yet, he’s offering this toolchain as-is. Please do not distribute it or write about it without his permission.

Once his latest paper is published, he’ll also merge some new functionality into the tool (Faster! Larger trees! Textures!).

If you run into any problems, please post an Issue on GitHub.


Hello there - I’m the guy who wrote that tool.

Don’t hesitate to post your questions here, I’ll be happy to help. The tool is a little rough around the edges, but it’s an easy way to quickly get some interesting geometry in-world.

I’ve put some old converted models up here:

Have fun!