Copy and paste and building UI



I would like to ask about if we are able to do copy and paste of the browser URL.
Currently we need to input the URL into entity while using the built-in web browser, I am wondering if there is a way that I could copy and paste the URL?
And also, does High Fidelity currently support a clipboard so I could do copy and paste (I know that I could alt + drag to copy an object)?

The last thing is that I am thinking building a User Interface that attach to the Vive controller, just like what Tilt Brush uses, Is there any article or tutorial that I could go through and learn how to do it?

This might be a dumb question, but since I am new to high fidelity and to programming, I would like to learn about it and start building some interesting contents.

Thanks a lot.


From what Ive tested, copy and pasting string should work just fine with hotkeys. However accessing the clipboard via script is a different manner, and not sure if has been done yet, BUT there is the Clipboard script entity you could probably tinker with which has Clipboard.importEntities and Clipboard.pasteEntities, and so forth.

Right now, there isnt much of tutorials on many of the content creation things. However everything is within the feathre jungle and us early content creators are currently doing alot of pathfinding through the available features.

With the current features we already have, we can do quite alot of things. It is just a matter of finding the method, aka chop the jungle down, and then pave roads through it with documentation. For now, I can give you pointers instead of tutorials:

Controller based UI that tracks the hand positions, could be done using Overlay entities, sorta like how I used them with a UI Avatar follower

Overlay objects are sorta like entities on your client only, that only you see and can interact with.

Really handy with making Hand controller related interfaces. While they do not respond to physics (they just are) I think they are intractable with the findRayIntersection ray trace.
So by my theory, you could interact with them through hand controllers if you draw a raytrace from your hand controllers to the overlay item. Ill provide an example where I used Overlay objects with some damping to follow my hips to try to make a “ball and chain” draggable tail, which I tried working on a while back.

You can then update the overlay item to follow and rotate with your avatar’s hand bones. Atleast, this has been my plan once I get my controllers back to continue experimenting with them more.

The focus until now has been with the 2D UI, which is build using QML. All of the interfaces you see currently are done with it.
Another creator, @AlphaVersionD been experimenting with those and probably could advice more on them than I (I havent tried them much yet)


Last day in Mexico. See you guys soon.


Thanks for the reply.
I will give it a try.