Copy Pasting, or moving existing creations


Understandably much of the building is focused on scripted building. However I’m curious about the future creating, combining and moving existing voxels.

If I create something by script, it’s clear that I can delete and reposition. However, if I cobble something together by hand, it’s frozen in place, unable to be shifted, or reselected and lifted.

Are there plans to be able to edit, move, copy and paste existing voxels?



My question points in the same direction:

Is there a JavaScript command that can check wether there is a voxel at a specific location or not?

With this, we would be able to program Copy & Paste on our own.



@BluemanSteele @Qitam have a look at the edit voxel script this contains the copy and paste. You could modify this script to meet whatever need you have.

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@Chris regretfully this level of JS is over my head but will be curious to see what comes of it.



@BluemanSteele I am a bit busy this week, perhaps we can have a look together next week and find a solution that fits both needs.



@Qitam If you get anything put together, I’d be happy to try it out :smile:

Somethings I’m looking for in particular include

  1. Making a selection
  2. Copying what is in that selection
  3. Pasting the selection into a new spot where I can either combine them with existing voxels or overwrite them.

Also saving and exporting selections!

But, I know it needs to start small and grow from there. Interested in seeing what you come up with.