Copying entities from one place to another



I wanted to know if there was a way to copy all entities within some coordinates to another position. My aim is to create a neighborhood of some sorts, and it would be terrible to copy/paste manually, repeatedly.

Let me know if you guys know about something that can help!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hold the ALT key and move your mouse , is copy the entity.
But carefull, i got problems that child entities not get duplicated correctly.


That’s pretty cool! I’d just like to know if I could do it with more accuracy, or perhaps have a script do that job for me.

Something like copyEntitities.from(x1, y1, radius).to(x2, y2); would be a lifesaver.

Perhaps someone else may know :smile:


Do it in Blender? :wink:


I would say for my feeling a bad idea.
I think it’s better to duplicate the same object inworld,
so the asset can be reused from cache and load time get down.

If you do it in blender you get larger files, longer load time. You onle get less draw calls if made correct.

So yes both options have bad and good sides.


I’d like to do it in world. That would be the best. But then again, there seems to be no way besides manually using alt + click to copy, and that seems time consuming.


I was just kidding…
…with kernel of truth.

If I try to build or arrange something by using the in-world-tools the simplest tasks usually take me hours to complete.
And even though I’m as new to this most complicated software I’ve ever experienced the same tasks usually consume a fraction of the time if I carry them out in Blender :wink:


Avoid frustration. Don’t try to do these common build activities in-world in HF. There are all manner of sharp edges and bugs that will make it a very frustrating time for you. Even the simple act of replicating an entity by alt-drag has bugs because the act of a script iterating through all the child entities to make the copy is non-deterministic. Whodathunkit! Until all these foundation problems get fixed, do all building externally then rez/bring-in your completed model. About the only in-world manipulation tools that work is positioning. Rotating objects works less well because it is visibly imprecise although the snap to fixed degrees seems OK…