Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But This Is Where We're Looking To Be With Voxels


…If not, we sure as heck should be !!! :sunny:


Interesting, more of that at

The 500k voxel limit set in the Interface preferences might need a few… make that a lot… of zeroes added on the end unless we plan to replicate Minecraft and Lego world :slight_smile:


Refreshing, very nice one. i see a part that people would love. and make things less scary. some things look a bit like the way you can build in sl. thats very good.


Yeah, that’s the ultimate goal, no one is expecting one to build voxel by voxel. There’s software to convert meshes to voxels.


Yes VoxelFarm looks great (we’ve talked a bit to the developer). For the un-initiated, what you are looking at here is basically a minecraft-like field of different types of voxels, but with an added twist which is that they are rendered in a different way (not as cubes)… based on the properties of the voxel, a mesh is procedurally created that blends nicely with the adjacent voxels. So you can have ‘granite’ voxels or ‘roof tile’ voxels, etc. And you get this as a rendered result.

Bear in mind, though, that this is very different than supporting full mesh objects… for example if you wanted a little dandelion at some specific point on the ground, you can’t do that with this sort of engine.

But you could combine an engine like this for terrain with entities for specific objects… and that is where I think we are most likely to go.


Talk about an unexpected reply… that post is nearly 2 years old. Philip wins necro-post of the year !