Couldn't open tablet or see avatars more than a few meters from me during roundtable


During today’s roundtable I could only see the avatars who were really near me in VR and wasn’t able to open the tablet. Tablet is working fine in other areas like The Spot. The other avatars were visible in desktop mode and when I first jump into VR mode but then they disappear.

I’m on a new computer, is there some kind of setting I need to change to see more of the avatars or is this a bug?


Hi Dusty,

This is a setting. In VR, open your tablet and go to Menu > Settings > Graphics and turn “World Detail” to max.
In Desktop, press Shift+L, enable manual setting of LOD, and turn it to max.

Basically it’s trying to bring up framerate by making less objects be in your view. Note that this will lower framerate.


Thanks, that fixed the issue. I didn’t notice any drop in frame rate from the fix.