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Seems worth watching, I wonder about the costs though in terms of whatever their “fuel” is.


There is no gas price (like ethereum has). You do use DeOS tokens to buy storage and services though.


I can’t really afford to be an early adopter in such enterprises at the moment, will be interesting to follow how it pans out.
I couldn’t find too much information about how the system works yet.

Do you have anything you can share regarding how mining POS/POW mechanisms might work?
I’m also interested in how the contracts would be designed.


I am waiting for this information myself. It is quite early in the project and they have a timeline for releases. Apparently we won’t know any of that until september. I do know after the crowdsale there will only be 1200 DeOS generated each year to pay to miners. I am assuming they will make transaction fees as well.


'The proof of work algorithm in BitCoin has been stripped out and replaced with a Proof of Index system, and a measure of network entropy to determine the fastest viable computing environment. Razormind VC of Legal and Compliance Phil Sturgeon says: “We know people want privacy, and security, and most of all reliability. Our hope is DEOS will allow our users to safely import their facebook photos, iTunes music, and important documents to a safe place which no one else, not even DEOS, can spy.” ’


A lot of crypto going on! Thrall now supports HiFi Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Dodgecoin (DOGE) wallets!

  • Thrall now has banking-level SSL. It received an A+ score from SSL tests.

  • digital signatures now work. This allows you to sign data with your password hash for authentication purposes. Pretty much anything you do with Thrall will need a digital signature. Since all scripts save data in the same place on he user’s local hard (all in a single file) they might as well be public because somebody could write a script to dump your saved script values. With this we can use a password hash (no saved password!) that doesn’t even need to be saved. The drawback is you will have to use your password every time you login and every time you complete a transaction. Sessions cannot be hijacked because all transaction data must be signed. Maybe this will change once HiFi gets user authentication for apps working (although we will probably require password hashing for each transaction still).

  • Bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin wallets can now be created and accessed, showing account balances.

  • Wallet shows current trading value of BTC/LTC and DODGE in many different currencies. You can set it to show the value of your account balances in your chosen currency as well.

  • Wallet to Wallet transactions now work. You may send BTC/LTC/DOGE to any other BTC/LTC/DODGE address.

  • You can fill your wallet from pretty much anywhere BTC/LTC/DOGE is sold, just give them your public wallet address.

Coming up next:

  • Past transaction lists so you can see where you have spent your cryptos.

  • Temporary forwarding addresses. These are so you can give a unique wallet address for payments to anybody you want and payments will be forwarded to your main wallet.

  • Name/Wallet pairings so names of HiFi users show up in transactions

  • Vending Machine API / Marketplace

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CraxIM Ammo has been renamed! It is now called Thrall.

Should bitcoin/litecoin/doge wallets be called Thrallets? :smiley:


Still working on the HiFi JS Thrall Wallet, implementing HiFi javascript (client side) cryptography for securely signing transactions. Way easier said than done, that’s for sure!


How will people use the wallet with an HMD? I was thinking of letting them scan a bicoin QR code using a virtual phone or tablet.


I might end up making a virtual keyboard they can use… eventually. If somebody else doesn’t do it first.


Wonder if it would be worth it to make a prop billfold that can be visibly opened and closed, and which has one or more credit cards inserted into it as needed, each one standing in for a different virtual wallet account – that is, one’s bitcoin wallet or doge coin wallet and so on – that one could draw out of the prop billfold to then pay vendor machines and/or avatars with. You could also have folding-money and or actual visible coins appearing in it representing currency units actually brought more symbolicly “in world” that one could then treat like one would those folding bills and/or coins in RL… that is, simply hand it to someone, lay it on a table, insert it into a slot on a money-box, etc.


Haha well I am sure somebody could take my wallet code and do something like that. The code will be open source.


Took a hiatus to allow HiFi to evolve a bit more before resuming business development.

We are back now with a new company name that will encompass all our information services which will mostly be associated with our custom UI and domain controls.

Here is the name and (rough) logo:

And for the record GIJ does not stand for anything… especially not “Girls In Jello”.