Crash and Reinstall doesn't work


Interface (build 5909) has been crashing all day. Downloaded and reinstalled, still crashes. Sandbox running fine, home domain is up, but Interface crashes on startup every time. Both the local .exe and the Steam version.

What does one do when Interface crashes repeatedly even after reinstall?


Manually blow away your interface settings. A reinstall does not touch them.


Thanks so much for the response. I’m a Mac guy stumbling around the Windows 10 environment - can you point me in the right direction and tell me which files specifically to eradicate? I will then blast them into oblivion.

Much appreciated!


Open “this pc”

in the top, type %appdata%

Now your user folder is opening.
Go to the High Fidelity folder.
Inside you see interface.ini and interface.json etc.

You mabye want to enable file extensions. for
some weird reason microsoft thinks that is not important.

Click view in the menu, a ribbon menu need to appear.
On the right side you can enable “Filename extensions”

If you not see the files you mabye need to enable “show hidden files”
i have that default enabled so am not sure.


Wipe out everything in:
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\High Fidelity\


Thank you Richardus and PetVal. I’m going to do this now. However, when I delete all the files from C:\Users\MYNAME\AppData\Roaming\High Fidelity, won’t this delete all the entities I’ve built on my home domain? My backup models.json.gz files are all in there, in the assignment-client\entities folder. I’ll back those files up, I guess.

ADD: this didn’t work for me. I’ve deleted every last HF related file I can find, and it’s still crashing. Digging through the forum posts and trying to troubleshoot, I saw some discussions relating to Steam and HF. I’ve wondered about conflicts here so I unplugged the power to my HTV Vive and that allows HF to run w/out crashing. So I have narrowed it down to that, at least. However, HF isn’t much fun without the Vive. So I’m thinking about reinstalling all the Vive software and perhaps Steam as well.

UPDATE: definitely a conflict between HF and either the htc vive, or Steam VR, or both. When vive is powered off, Interface runs fine. When vive is powered on, Steam VR runs fine and plays other apps. But when I launch Interface from either the local c drive or from within Steam, it crashes every time.

UPDATE: uninstalled all HF files from computer. Uninstalled Steam and Steam VR. Reinstalled Steam/Steam VR. Plays other games/apps just fine. Reinstalled High Fidelity from Steam VR store. HF still crashes on launch.

Running out of ideas.


Mabye to late, but you could backup the directories to other location befire you delete the orginal.

Bad Graphics driver ?

You can also install the desktop version of high fidelity. and add that to steam. that works fine for me. not want to run the steam version myself.

When you login are you default in hmd mode or in desktop mode. i have experience in the past that be in hmd mode when you logout and next time nit have steamVR running that interface would crash.


Yes, I did back up the directories, thanks. If / when I can ever get things running again, I’ll try to move them back.

Bad Graphics driver? Not sure. I’ve been running HiFi every day for weeks, with no problems until a few days ago.

I’m going to try your suggestion of adding the desktop version directly to steam.

When I login I’m default HMD mode with a big sign that says “put your headset on now”. After 3 seconds, crash. So I’m not even able to quickly select desktop mode.

Will report back. Thank you very much for your advice.

Reinstall Radeon graphic drivers
Choose “Steam VR Beta” from Steam Games menu (just reading stuff online about Steam VR issues)
Manually add HiFi to Steam

This almost works. I can launch HiFi, with Steam VR running, and no crash. I can select HUD option and find myself at Welcome in my blue glowing body suit. However, controllers do not work properly and scripts don’t seem to be running. I’m going to try one more thing and then stop for the day as I’ve been at this since 8am. A martini is in my future, a big one.

I just can’t walk. Everything else finally works.
Just. Can’t. Walk.
(shakes ice)
Very strange.
(shakes ice)
Long day.
(pours Grey Goose).
Until tomorrow…

This morning I confirmed everything is working except Vive controllers not operating properly - I can’t walk.
Ran the SteamVR developer “uninstall usb drivers” fix (see SteamVR documentation/troubleshooting) and connected the Vive USB cable to a different USB input on the PC.
That fixed the problem.

So I’m pretty much back up and running, whew. Hopefully this long-ish report will be of use to someone else experiencing similar problems. BTW I discovered last night a good thread on Interface/Vive somewhere on these forums, so search for that as well if you have similar issues.

A huge thanks to all the Alphas out there for the help - whether directly answering my posts or just posting about your own experiences, all that info was really valuable.